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Ridge Runners Outfitting LLC Trip Planner


Regulations and Info - Colorado Mountain Lion Hunting


Enjoy hunting while still operating under guidelines that protect the mountain lion population in Colorado. Ridge Runners Outfitting, LLC in Burns, Colorado, implements big-game hunting regulations that keep the thriving wildlife population controlled while still providing you with a highly satisfying hunting excursion.

Hunting Schedule

The hunting season opens in November and goes until March 31. Of course, the earlier you book a hunt, the better, as we have to follow a strict quota on how many lions we hunt in each area. The hunt is a 7 day trip, with 5 days scheduled for the actual hunting.

Mountain Lions

Only mature lions are permitted for hunting purposes. Our guides are fully trained in sexing these cats.

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Gear To Bring

  • Mountain Lion tag
  • Weapon
  • Ammo
  • Good waterproof insulated hiking boots Waterproof outerwear (Wool seems to be the best but whatever you have will work)
  • Backpack
  • Warm gloves
  • Gators
  • Warm moisture wicking socks
  • Warm hat that covers your ears
  • Any personal medications
  • Do not bring muck boots to hike in while hunting!!!!

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During and After Your Northern Colorado Mountain Lion Hunt

During The Hunt

For this activity, we provide food and a place to stay during the whole hunt. Transportation to and from a bus station, train station, or airport in either Grand Junction, Colorado, or Eagle, Colorado.

After the Hunt

Once a mountain lion is caught a guide will determine if the lion is a mature adult lion and sex of the cat if possible. Under the guideline of Colorado Wildlife Division, it is the hunters' responsibility to have the meat of hunted lions processed. You might be surprised at how good lion meat is!! It is also up to the hunters to check the lion in with the Colorado Wildlife Division, we are happy to assist with the check in of the lion.

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