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About Ridge Runners Outfitting LLC - Burns, CO

About Ridge Runners Outfitting LLC - Burns, CO

Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Premier Mountain Lion Hunting Around Burns, Colorado

Ridge Runners Outfitting, LLC is a licensed outfitter based in Burns, Colorado.  We offer big-game hunting adventures that let you track and take down the elusive Colorado Mountain Lion.  While we don't guarantee a kill, we will do everything in our ability to make it a successful hunt and adventure. 

We are locals who besides knowing the lay of the land have gone through extensive training classes including but not limited to CPR.  For more than 9 successful years of guiding Mountain Lion hunts along the Colorado River we have been able to work along aside other outfitters and hunting enthusiasts in the industry. All or part of our operation is conducted on public lands under special permit from the US Bureau of Land Management.  This provides us some of the best areas to chase these elusive predators around the Burns, CO area.

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The Guides

Guides - Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Our guides will accompany you throughout your hunt. They are extremely skilled and are trained to deal with emergencies, including CPR. We provide one guide for every person in your hunting party.