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Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Pre-Hunt Info

The Hunt

Mountain lions live in remote, rugged, and high-altitude areas, so you will be in high elevations from 6,500 ft to 10,000ft. You will have to prepare yourself for long walks in rough terrain. We try to get as close to were the mountain lion is treed on a ATV if possible. We have use of ATV's, snowmobiles, trucks, and if we need horses and mules!

Hunting Dogs

Dogs are used to help us hunt mountain lions. We run roughly eight dogs at a time for these hunts. The guides will determine exactly how many dogs we release.

During The Hunt

For this activity, we provide food and a place to stay during the whole hunt. Transportation to and from a bus station, train station, or airport in either Grand Junction, Colorado, or Eagle, Colorado.

After the Hunt

Once a mountain lion is caught a guide will determine if the lion is a mature adult lion and sex of the cat if possible. Under the guideline of Colorado Wildlife Division, it is the hunters' responsibility to have the meat of hunted lions processed. You might be surprised at how good lion meat is!! It is also up to the hunters to check the lion in with the Colorado Wildlife Division, we are happy to assist with the check in of the lion.

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Rates and Regulations

Burns, CO Mountain Lion Hunting Rates and Regulations

An agreeable price of $10,000 covers the cost of the hunt. A 50% ($5,000) down payment is required before embarking on your hunting trip. Tom only hunts are available at additional cost and you can call for price. Once this deposit is paid, we will send you a contract. The remainder of the cost is payable once you arrive for the hunt. We take cash or credit card!

Hunters cover the cost of their mountain lion tag and their travel expenses!


Under Colorado law to hunt in the state of Colorado you must have a Hunters Education Certificate if you were born after 01/01/1949. Colorado honors other states Hunters Education Certificate's.

You must be 12 years of age to hunt mountain lions in Colorado. Colorado Resident Mountain Lion Tag costs $52.60 (is subject to change without notice).

Non Resident Mountain Lion Tag costs $358.23 plus Habitat Stamp of $11.50 (is subject to change without notice).

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